In the media emakumeon ahotsak LOGO Vega Asensio promotes the first Master’s Degree in Scientific Illustration in Spain Interview.

On the occasion of Vega Asensio’s unique professional career, Mertxe Arratibel interviewed her in the feminist digital magazine to learn more about her entrepreneurial work in scientific illustration and the feminist vision of her work.

cartel durangoko azoka 2021La ilustración profesional en el País Vasco mesa redonda

Izaskun Alberdi participa en la mesa redonda sobre la profesión de la Ilustración Científica organizada por la asociación de ilustrador@s Euskalirudigileak en la Feria del libro y disco vasco de Durango.

cartel durangoko azoka 2021Jot Down ciencia 2021

Vega Asensio participa en Jot Down Ciencia 2021 organizada por Jot Down y DIPC como jurado para el premio de Ilustración Científica otorgado por el museo Laboratorium de Bergara y con la charla retos y futuro de la ilustración científica.

revista elhuyar diciembre 2021Reescribiendo la evolución humana artículo

Aitziber Agirre Ruiz de Arkaute retoma el sesgo de genero en las ilustraciones sobre la evolución humana, habla de la exposición evolución en clave de genero del CENIEH realizada por Eduardo Sainz y de la jornada organizada en Bidebarrieta Zientifikoa donde Vega Asensio participó junto con Carmen Manzano Basabe, Asier Gómez Olivencia y Arantza Aranburu Artano.

Entrevista en el programa Evolution in the key of gender TV program by EITB and Elhuyar Fundazioa.

We talked about the presence of the female figure and the gender bias in scientific illustrations of prehistory in the exhibition ‘evolution in the key of gender’, organised by CINIEH and created by Eduardo Saiz.

LOGO de Goiena Komunikazio taldeaExhibition on Green Hydrogen

The Museo Laboratorium in Bergara is hosting the exhibition Green hydrogen, solution to climate change from 18 November to 15 February. The exhibition, organised as part of the Science, Technology and Innovation Conference, has been designed in a highly didactic way so that it can be understood by both students and the general public. The Hydrogen in history panel has been illustrated from the study.

PROYECTO ciencia en la calleProyecto Ciencia en la Calle

El Museo de Ciencias Universidad de Navarra y la Cátedra de Cultura Científica de la UPV/EHU presentan el proyecto Ciencia en la Calle. Las infografías realizadas por el estudio han tenido gran difusión mediática.

bidebarrieta cientifica. charla evolución en clave de generoCharla El sesgo de género a través de la ilustración científica

Charla de Vega Asensio en la jornada Evolución en clave de género organizada por Bidebarrieta Zientifikoa – Bidebarrieta Científica. Podéis informaros sobre esta jornada en el cuaderno de cultura científica de la UPV/EHU.

photo BAIPASA IRRATI PROGRAMA EITBInterview to Izaskun Alberdi on Baipasa radio programme

Interview in Basque with Izaskun Alberdi on the EITB programme BAIPASA by the journalist Olaia Urtiaga. You can listen to the interview after the second hour of the programme.

LOGO ETA KITTOInterview to Izaskun Alberdi in …eta kitto! EUSKARA ELKARTEA

The association of Eibar …eta kitto! EUSKARA ELKARTEA interviews Izaskun Alberdi “Knowledge of science is essential for a society capable of being critical”.

LOGO BERRIAArtículo en el periódico BERRIA. Zientzia erakusteko artea.

Iker Tubia writes an article about the postgraduate course in Scientific Illustration of the UPV/EHU and interviews Vega Asensio as coordinator of the postgraduate course and several students of the postgraduate course. You can see the paper version here.

LOGO de Goiena Komunikazio taldeaAn ancient craft: Scientific illustration.

The journalist Aitziber Aranburuzabala has done an interview with us in the magazine PUNTUA (2020-12-4) of the communication group Goiena. We have talked about the trade of scientific illustration and we have given news about the courses we do with the museum Laboratorium of Bergara, this year we have illustrated birds.

Official opening of the 2020 ZTB/CTI conferences with a Scientific Illustration .

On October 29th, the 2020 ZTB/CTI conferences (Science Teknology and Innovation) was officially opened in Bergara. This was done by the mayor of Bergara, responsible for the conferences, the director of the postgraduate program of the UPV/EHU and the scientific illustrator Ana Madinabeitia representing NorArte Visual Science.

About to start the 2020 Science Week. Teknopolis.

Miren Bego Urrutia, Director of the Social Dissemination of Science at the UPV/EHU, tells us what this unusual ‘science week’ will be like. The topic of this ‘science week’ will be the Bilbao estuary and where the infographics made by our studio together with experts in different subjects will be the main protagonists.

logo GRUPO SPRIThe Basque company’s blog.

The members of NorArte Visual Science were interviewed on the SPRI group blog. This was the phrase they wanted to highlight: “The way we consume information has changed a lot and science must also join in with this trend”. The SPRI group is the body of the Basque Government’s Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment that promotes Basque industry.

logo catedra de cultura cientificaLa Ría del Nervión a vista de ciencia y tecnología.

The repercussion of the exhibition ‘La Ría del Nervión a vista de ciencia y tecnología’ of the Chair of Scientific Culture of the UPV/EHU where NorArte Studio has made the infographics has been considerable: press, television, social networks… In addition, articles about these infographics have been made in the blogs of the Chair: Zientzia Kaiera and Cuaderno de Cultura Científica.

logo del diario vascoArticle in the newspaper DIARIO VASCO.

Within the ZTB days the Bergara (Basque Country) Laboratories Museum creates a great exhibition about the periodic table of the elements where we made the great table that can be seen in the exhibition.

hiri gorriaInterview on the radio program HIRI GORRIA by EITB.

Back to the HIRI GORRIA radio program with Maren Ortiz director of the postgraduate program in Scientific Illustration at the UPV/EHU.

logo cultura de catedra cientificaVega Asensio en Zientzialari.

A pleasure to be in the channel of #Zientzialari of Zientzia Kaiera (the Chair of Scientific Culture of the UPV/EHU).

logo agencia EFEScientific illustration, an opportunity to combine art and science.

Alba Zafra, editor at EFE agency, contacted me to make an article about scientific illustration where Angel Caballero, illustrator at CSIC, was also interviewed.

LOGO del periodico catalan DIRECTADibuixant ciència – Drawing science.

Marta Molas, editor at DIRECTA catalan newspaper, contacted me to make an article about scientific illustration where the illustrator Carles Puche was also interviewed.

LOGO BERRIAArticle in the newspaper berria. Zientzia begietatik sartzen denekoa.

JuanMa Gallego made an article about popularization and scientific communication interviewing Carlos Pazos from @MolaSaber and me.

Interview on the tv program of EITB and Elhuyar Fundazioa Teknopolis.

In the Teknopolis Guillermo Roa made me an interview entitled ‘Science throw the eyes’.

Interview on the radio program of Radio Euskadi La mecánica del caracol .

Eva Caballero, the presenter of this scientific outreach program after having an interesting interview with Diego Ortega, another Andalusian scientific illustrator, contacted me to do an interview. Again accompanied by Maren Ortiz-Zarragoitia I enjoyed the good work of Eva Caballero.


Interview on the radio program of Radio Euskadi and Elhuyar Fundazioa Norteko ferrokarrila.

Guillermo Roa, the wonderful conductor of this scientific outreach program, invited us to talk about the postgraduate of Scientific Illustration of the UPV / EHU in March 2017 to Maren Ortiz-Zarragoitia, director of the postgraduate course, and to me. A pleasure to talk to Guillermo, because he knows this trade very well since he is the author of the Animated Science of the Elhuyar Foundation.

Interview on the radio micro-program of Radio Euskadi La Cápsula de la Ciencia.

Javier San Martín, journalist specialized in science and creator of Activa tu neurona because the new postgraduate of Scientific Illustration of the UPV/EHU contacted me in January 2017. He made us one of his wonderful scientific capsules.

Interview on the radio program of Radio Euskadi Más que Palabras.

Bego Yedra contacted me to arrange an interview with Almudena Cacho in her program Más que Palabras in June 2016. I was fortunate to be able to do a live interview and I must say that it was a real pleasure to know how the work is done on the radio.

Interview on the radio program of Euskadi Irratia Hiri Gorrian.

Maider Segurola, the presenter of the program contacted me because of the Botanical Illustration workshop that we were going to carry out at the Laboratorium museum in Bergara in June of 2016. I had the opportunity to talk with her, Naiara Barrado (Astronomer) and Itxaso Mendiluze (graduated in Philosophy and Fine Arts) about Scientific Illustration.

Interview in the journal of scientific outreach The Journal of Feelsynapsis.

The editor-in-chief of the magazine JoF and current director of Principia, Enrique Royuela, contacted me and interviewed me at an early stage of my career as an illustrator in 2011. I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to speak about Scientific Illustration and our job in a magazine of scientific dissemination.