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The human brain processes artwork very efficiently, so much so that people have a preference for images and in many cases we need to see to understand.

Graphical elements are the first thing that catches our attention in an article, scientific poster, project proposal or slide show. Furthermore, these graphic elements, such as diagrams, illustrations and data charts, are what allow us to understand concepts that are difficult to understand using only numbers and text. On the other hand, slide and poster presentations have become the most common way of disseminating our work and ideas, they are very visual formats, so that our story can engage the audience.

However, it is very rare in a scientific career to find a faculty, course or subject where the creation and integration of graphic information is taught in an adequate way. In order to overcome this shortcoming, the study NorArte Visual Science teaches working methodologies, basic design knowledge and tools to create graphic material that ideally and effectively complements scientific texts.

Online and face-to-face courses about science visualization

For whom?

  • Researchers & docents.
  • Scientific disseminators.
  • Master & Phd students.
  • Lovers of scientific illustration.
  • Graphic designers.

What for?

  • Make your scientific publications stand out.
  • Make an impact with your presentations.
  • Create more accessible and attractive images.
  • Get to know appropriate tools, because the powerpoint is no longer enough!
  • Learn the rules of graphic design to complement perfectly your scientific discourse.

Upcoming courses

  • ‘Basic uses of Inkscape for scientific publications’ en castellano o inglés. 18th of october to 20th of december.
  • ‘Efficient Oral presentations’. 24th November – 15th December. Course Dossier. Registration:

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