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Welcome to NorArte - Visual Science studio created in 2011. We are a studio specialized in improving scientific communication and popularization through the use of high quality scientific illustrations, animations and infographics and custom designs. You have a scientific story to tell and we can help you communicate it in a more effective and attractive way. Working together we will find the best solutions for your audience: infographics, animations, information panels, scientific illustrations, diagrams, graphic reports, posters, etc. There is a wide range of possibilities to achieve your communication objectives. Let's do something inspiring and impressive!

We create scientific illustrations, diagrams, animations, posters, graphic summaries, slides, infographics, etc. for any area of scientific ​​knowledge.
We work for research centers, museums, communication companies, technology companies, universities, entities and people dedicated to scientific dissemination, specialized publishers, etc.
We advise you and train you in graphic design and scientific illustration, so that you, too, can go further with you scientific communication.
We adapt to current media: social media, books, scientific journals, blogs, posters, slide shows, panels, research projects, brochures, etc.

Make your science visible they will understand you better

In science and technology, scientific illustration is a FUNDAMENTAL tool that allows us to visualize and communicate information that only with numbers and text would be difficult to transmit. The use of images improves scientific communication, it helps understanding, remembering and assimilation of the message. In addition, the images are attractive to us and they convince better, they allow the scientific content to achieve more people and to cause the desired effect in the audience.

What scientific illustration service do you need?

Each project is unique, and we can help you define your message and the most appropriate strategy for your target audience. We work with a wide range of clients (museums, interpretation centres, research centres, communication and technology companies) with very different needs. We offer you a wide range of services for both scientific communication and dissemination. Visit our portfolio.

Description of the scientific illustration services of NorArte studio - Visual Science: illustrations, diagrams, computer graphics, layout, animations, 3D, graphics, training

Our training courses

In the NorArte studio we are committed to the training of professionals in Scientific Illustration. Vega Asensio is the current coordinator of the first postgraduate course in Spain in this discipline at the University of the Basque Country. In addition, Izaskun Alberdi and Ana Madinabeitia are teachers in this postgraduate course. But we have also been training science professionals in this field for years, we teach work methodologies, tools and basic concepts of design and illustration. 100% OF THE PARTICIPANT RECOMMENT US! Have a look to our courses.

Accredited Scientific Illustrators

We are a highly qualified and motivated multidisciplinary team
who puts all his passion and knowledge into every communication project.

Photography by the NorArte - Visual Science team: Izaskun Alberdi, Vega Asensio, Ana Madinabeitia, at the opening of the exhibition 'La Ría del Nervión a vista de ciencia y tecnologia' in the Bilbao underground

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