About me

Fotografía Miguel Calvo Alejo “MITXI”

I am a doctor in Biology. Throughout my research career I collaborated with several universities: Leopold Franz University of Innsbruck in Austria, University of Galway in Ireland, University of Throndheim in Norway, University of Cardiff in Wales, University of Salamanca and University of the Basque Country. I always took every opportunity to illustrate the works of my colleagues, who always encouraged me to continue drawing.

Regarding my professional training as a scientific illustrator, I began at an early age with Jaime Vicario, an artist of my home-town in Spain. Afterwards, I learned with Carles Puche, María Viñas and Patrik DcDonnell scientific illustration, with Fernando Baptista infographics and with Alberto Cairo data visualization. I have also taken courses in graphic design.

Currently, I am working full time in the NorArte project. I offer you scientific rigour, high skills and multiple resources in order to take your scientific idea into the best possible picture and thus make much greater the quality and charm of your communicative content. I am a member of the Association Européenne des Illustrateurs Médicaux et Scientifiques and Association of Medical Illustrations of US.

In 2016 after several years dedicated to the scientific illustration and seeing the difficulties of formation in this field, I proposed to the Faculty of Science and Technology of the UPV/EHU to create this academic formation. After several months of work the UPV/EHU offers this new training as an Own Degree: University Specialist. It is the first university postgraduate in the whole state. I am truly proud of this great step for the Spanish Scientific Illustration.